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If you wish to bid using Cattle USA -

  1. 1.  Have your financial institution fax a letter of credit to Herreid Livestock at 605-437-2634.
  2. 2.  Create an account at
  3. 3.  At, you must click submit (under approval to buy) for Herreid Livestock Auction.
  4. 4.  We will approve you to bid AFTER we receive your letter of credit from your financial institution. It is best to do this at least 1 day prior to the sale, please don't wait until the sale has begun!
All the above rules must be followed in order to be approved to bid online. These apply to all persons, NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted.
Thank you for your understanding and interest, enjoy today's auction!

Our Field Reps

Kent Fjeldheim  Manager 605-848-3459
Neal Becker   Manager 701-368-9357
Larry Fettig   Co-Manager, ND Field Rep 701-471-1348
Tony Fettig   ND Field Rep 701-321-1368
Cal Tripke   ND Field Rep 701-866-0515